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IP Network Emulation

Simena NE2000 Simena's IP Network Emulator emulates real transmission conditions of the IP or Internet network, such as latency, transmission bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, etc. Network Emulator is required for equipment manufacturers, operators and network integrators at the laboratory tests of the telecommunication equipment and networks as well at the test of quality parameters (QoS) of the telecommunication services.

It emulates these network conditions at Ethernet layer by capturing and processing the data packets transparently for network users without any configuration change on the networks or servers. Emulator is transparent for all protocols as for example IP, IPX, AppleTalk, TCP, HTTP, VoIP and others.

Network Emulator is offered in three versions: NE100, NE1000 and NE2000.

Feature NE100 NE1000 NE2000
Bandwidth throttling ja ja ja
Layer 2 emulations ja ja ja
Bi-directional emulations ja ja ja
Unidirectional emulations ja ja ja
IP packet filters (IP, TCP, UDP) ja ja ja
Per port real-time packet decoding with filters ja ja ja
Per port real-time throughput graphs ja ja ja
Web based user interface ja ja ja
Complete remote management ja ja ja
10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces ja ja ja
Rack mountable ja ja ja
Simultaneous emulations   4 32
Unidirectional simultaneous emulations   8 64
DiffServ emulation   ja ja
Ethernet packet filters   ja ja
Extended packet buffering   ja ja
Bit Error Rate (BER) emulation   ja ja
Jumbo frames     ja
Fragmentation for jumbo frames     ja
VLAN emulation     ja
IPV6 emulation     ja
Custom packet filters     ja
Packet modifications     ja
Custom packet modifications     ja
Fiber optic gigabit interfaces     ja
Command line interface (CLI)     ja
Custom latency and packet loss distributions     ja

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